Mom, Dad & Me
Above is a picture of my Mom and Dad in 1945 when they were married. The other photo is my favorite picture of myself. I put these here as a starting point for this history because without them I would not be writing this.

On the main page I put a picture of my Grandfather (moms Dad) Ashley Bartlett and me as he is the inspiration for this page. He spent endless hours researching the Bartlett family, writing letters, typing up charts and histories all from his little room just of the kitchen in his home in Fontana California.

He would have loved the internet for its ability to aid in research and speed up communications. He did all his work (several volumes) all on an old non electric typewriter. Mom was also a great inspiration doing most of her work by hand and typewriter on the Mc Daniel line from her kitchen table.

So I thank My Mother and her Dad for their dedication to family history research and my Father for his drive to know of his family history which all have brought me to this point. My grandfather always told me to work on my handwriting so others could read my work, but thank heaven for the computer and the internet to publish this on so all can read this as my writing has not improved much! 

  While I have Mom and Grandpa to thank for much of the information herein I have tried to keep it up but if you have any additions please send them to me and I will add them here for others to share.

  I would also like to thank Betty & Bobby Wood for their help in locating Pictures and information that is also used on this site. Their help has been a great blessing.